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Hi! This is Sara, founder of Sarilla, an alcohol-free beverage which I created for two primary reasons: 1. To support your transformational journey. We want everyone to feel part of the party and when I decided to quit drinking at the age of 28 I felt super awkward and thought my social life would be over. 2. We partner with growers in Rwanda, East Africa. They were some of my teachers when I lived there in 2009 and they taught me about the spirit of resilience and finding joy in everyday life. This is also where I discovered Rwandan tea and started exploring the healing property of herbs. Our 6 flavors are made with regenerative organic tea and herbs which we pay a premium for, in an effort to create a more equitable global supply chain. If you are passionate about health and wellness, fitness, mindset and/or enjoy making alcohol-free cocktails please join our crew! Thank you.

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