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Product Attributes

Ethical sourcing and Fair Trade Certified

49-88 mg natural caffeine (caffeine free coming soon!)

100% certified organic

Free from artificial ingredients and refined sugar

Naturally-derived polyphenols, antioxidants, l-theanine, amino acids and essential vitamins

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ethical sourcing

Since her early career as a Fair Trade Organizer, our founder has been working with Rwandan farmers and Genocide Survivors to create a more empowered and just business model. Join her on the next TeaVenture and discover our transparent supply chain in Land of a Thousand Hills.

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Blog posts

April Showers : Remembering Rwanda & Sexual Assault Awareness

If you are struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism related to sexual trauma in your past, we want to share with you that you are not alone and there are some simple solutions.

Inspiring Women Leaders

My undergrad education at Simmons University in Boston, Massachusetts taught me that we all have the capacity to be ...
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Sarilla is helping to normalize the choice to go alcohol-free

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