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Sold in Grocery Stores and On Premise

Sarilla was created in kegs so that everyone could feel included in the fun. Now available in new packaging and under a new name, with a full line of flavors, our draft product is back!

Reach out to Sara to set up your wholesale account today for any of the following products:

  • 5 gallon one way kegs, cold chain
  • 12 pack slim cans, shelf-stable, 6 flavors
  • Bulk loose leaf tea and herbs direct from Rwanda
  • Brand collabs and private label

We provide the following support for our retail and foodservice partners:

  1. Signage: shelf talkers, table tents, coasters, wall tackers
  2. Free samples at events, in store demos
  3. Staff training
  4. Merch & giveaways to support your team
  5. Frequent customer punch cards
  6. Social media geotargeting
  7. Instacart ad support
  8. Regular promotions in stores and bulk discounts
  9. The opportunity to travel to Rwanda
  • We make it possible for your customers to be social even if they are choosing not to drink alcohol. 80% of Americans are not drinking regularly but they still want to hang out at your brewery with their friends and attend your amazing special events. Sarilla is the nonalcoholic choice for breweries and offers incremental sales while helping everyone feel comfortable.

Email us at Orders@DrinkSarilla.com to request our sales sheet, samples, and new account set up form.

Did you know?!

  • 52% of American Adults are trying to drink less alcohol.
  • 1/3 of customers who walk into a bar or restaurant are not going to order alcohol tonight.
  • While beer sales are down overall in the U.S, nonalcoholic alternatives are the fastest growing beverage category!
  • The fastest growing brand values that consumers are seeking out include: products with purpose, regeneratively grown/sustainability, transparency & authenticity.
Choosing not to drink is really difficult. Many people fail at the goal because they feel left out socially, even less than and unworthy. We deserve more than diet soda, a sugary mocktail or a sparkling water! 


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