Congratulations to our May Mocktail winner! Link to recipes in our Blog section.


April Showers : Remembering Rwanda & Sexual Assault Awareness

If you are struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism related to sexual trauma in your past, we want to share with you that you are not alone and there are some simple solutions.

Inspiring Women Leaders

My undergrad education at Simmons University in Boston, Massachusetts taught me that we all have the capacity to be ...

Women in Beverage

As we recognize March as Women’s History Month, we’d like to celebrate a few female founders that have made their mark in the alcoholic beverage industry here in Asheville, NC.

An Alternative to New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions are a set up for failure because it relies on self-will that has not worked in the past. Dry January was never a solution that helped me. I'll tell you what really worked and how my life has improved beyond my wildest dreams.  

Feeling Alone Can Lead To Self-Destruction

Are you feeling alone in life, even when you are around other people? These can be lonely times but take it from me, there is nothing you are experiencing that someone else has not been through and overcome. It might be time to reframe your sense of home. 

Featured in The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe recently featured Sarilla Sparkling African Tea, made with Tîma Tea. A quick read about our story and the flavor profiles. Thank you for the great coverage Ann Trieger!

Dry January

Tips for a successful Dry January and suggestions for creating new habits that will last throughout the year.

What is in a Word?

When you hear the word 'plantation', what does it bring to mind?As we look at our participation in the effort to dism...

3 Mountains, Maker of The World’s First Draft-Style Tea Wins a Sofi™

Silverback Beverage, an innovate new organic and Fair Trade sparkling tea, wins the sofi new product award.

Our Commitment to Alcohol-Free

Our Founder and Head Brewster, Sara, saw a growing need for fun, healthy, nonalcoholic options in the increasing numb...

Elevator Talk: Building an innovative brand during a global pandemic

How do you succeed in the beverage industry? What does it take to launch something new and stay committed even during a global pandemic? One day at a time, follow your purpose and passion, and get clear on your WHY. Sara shares how she is navigating the landscape with Silverback Beverage, a plant-based beverage that offers mental focus and naturally-derived energy.

Tea Basics

We don't know anyone who explains it better than Mary Ann Rollano! Our founder, Sara, recently sat down with her virt...
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Sarilla is helping to normalize the choice to go alcohol-free

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