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Get Free Sarilla for Your Summer Fun! 🌞🥤

You asked, and we responded!📣 We’ve been getting so many requests for free product and sponsorships that we decided t...

How to Embrace Life Changes

Your Journey to Personal Transformation This time of year is one of change. Graduations, weddings, weather, new life,...

Asheville Chocolate Collective Featuring 6 Local Mompreneurs

Back by popular demand, French Broad Chocolate is offering a NEW collection of six distinct and delicious bonbons cel...

Pro Tips for Daily Comfort

Discover practical strategies to manage stress and discomfort without relying on substances. Learn to identify triggers, understand discomfort, and address deeper emotional needs with our proactive tips.

Eclipse48 Recipe

How to have a Total Eclipse party safely with Sarilla. We have a special treat for you, our founder's favorite evening drink recipe. Easy to pack and go if you're planning an eclipse party with friends.

Non Alcoholic Wedding and Party Drinks

Weddings are celebrations of love, unity, and joyous moments shared with family and friends. The old assumption that ...

For Immediate Release: BevNet awards Sarilla with Best Packaging

Sarilla, a women-owned alcohol-free beverage company that specializes in sparkling teas and regenerative botanicals, ...

Freedom Is Within Your Reach

We all want to change something in our life. Just deciding to do it is not enough. There are some simple but difficult steps that need to happen first, otherwise it becomes like another broken resolution. Ready to look at the real issue?Tap In with Sarilla, founded by a woman who felt trapped for years by anger, fear and resentment, manifesting as addiction.Find freedom from addiction, from feeling like a victim, from searching for something to make you happy. Take your power back.

How To Find Your Purpose

I remember when I was in my early twenties and so hungry for meaning in my life. To many I seemed happy but I was constantly seeking relief from outside sources likealcohol, relationships, over-scheduling, even exercise. My work did not feel like it was life-changing in any way, and there was an emptiness. I could have continued in this mediocre way, but I felt like I was dying inside and there was a spark that pushed me to keep searching. Read more to uncover some suggested steps to expedite your search.

Inclusive Social Settings

What if you felt energized and refreshed after a night of socializing? People are sick of hangovers and low energy, a...

Beyond a Product:Ways We Make a Difference

Before Sarilla showed up in a can in your local cooler set, we were building culturally-appropriate, locally-led models in Rwanda, to provide support for trauma healing and to build personal inner resiliency. 

A Message from our Student Ambassadors

Summer break has officially come to an end, and students everywhere have returned to campus or have left their family homes for the first time! This next chapter in our lives only happens once, and of course we want this to be a positive experience - but what if it isn’t exactly what we expected? For the times that you’re ever feeling lost, here are a few tips from REAL students from around the country on how they find their balance.
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