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Effervescent alcohol-free, available in 6 flavors. A good source of naturally-derived plant benefits like l-theanine and antioxidants. 
Choose from a tea base (ranging in caffeine from 45-90 mg per can) or a botanical base (caffeine free).

6 Sparkling Flavors

Green Hibiscus

Tulsi Lime

Ginger White

Apple Black

Lemon Black

Vanilla Rooibos


Green Tea w/ Hibiscus - Lightly Sweetened with Monk Fruit. 0 Sugar. 5 Calories
White Tea w/ Ginger - Lightly Sweetened with Monk Fruit. 0 Sugar. 5 Calories
Apple Tea - Only 2 Ingredients, No Sugar Added. 55 Calories
Lemon Tea - Award Winning Best New Product, 35 Calories
Tulsi Lime Infusion - Calming Chamomile, Unsweetened, 0 Calories
Rooibos Vanilla Infusion - Unsweetened, 0 Calories

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