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Drink for Change

In honor of Women's History Month, we are kicking off our SafeTea in Bars program with Sarilla on Tap! Please consider contributing to our crowfunder in exchange for some unique rewards, and help prevent gender-based violence.

Your body is 80% water.
 The liquid you consume throughout the day could change your life and even the lives of thousands of people halfway around the world!  Choose clean ingredients in safe packaging, made by people who care.

Born from the spirit of resilience, Sarilla is a sparkling beverage made with 100% plant-based, pesticide-free ingredients that are grown with wellness in mind.
See for yourself and join one of our next TeaVentures in Rwanda!

Through our foundation we provide localized, sustainable solutions to deep-rooted challenges that have made it difficult for individuals their fullest potential.
Emergency Relief for Rwandan Homes lost in 2021 

We partnered with the Umutuzo Cooperative to build a water irrigation system in 2020, so that they would have access to water for their homes and their farms year-round. 

For more about our partnership with the Women of Umutuzo, and the Healing Garden we are creating please take a quick tour:

We want you to feel good while easily contributing to a better world!
Choose clean ingredients in safe packaging, made by people who care.
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Sarilla is helping to normalize the choice to go alcohol-free

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