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Inclusive Social Settings

What if you felt energized and refreshed after a night of socializing? People are sick of hangovers and low energy, and according to Specialty Food Association almost half of drinkers are choosing to reduce their alcohol consumption this year, with almost 52% of them opting for nonalcoholic options instead.

One reason people consume more alcohol than they want is because they want to feel part of the group.


Sarilla helps to create more inclusive social settings and we are bringing the fun back to alc-free experiences!

Sarilla is a women-owned nonalcoholic beverage company that provides a wide range of delicious alcohol-free beverages in cans and on tap. We are looking for more bar and restaurant partnerships and invite you to join our community that cares.

Our founder created Sarilla to offer a 0.0% ABV draft option for Asheville area breweries back in 2018 and we are so excited to be bringing this product back. Just in time for Dry January, we feel confident that when you advertise Sarilla on Tap you are going to start to attract a new crew. Bartenders tell us that at least one person in every group is choosing not to drink, but they deserve something special too.

sarilla draft drinks on tap 

Sarilla Offers Elevated Drinking Experiences for ALL

Please consider joining us as a bar partner or a brand ambassador. Contact Sara to learn more. Sara@DrinkSarilla.com

Happy New Year!

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