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Our Commitment to Alcohol-Free

Our Founder and Head Brewster, Sara, saw a growing need for fun, healthy, nonalcoholic options in the increasing number of craft breweries. These places attract families and people who want to socialize and build community, but not everyone wants a beer. As a nondrinker and importer of premium African tea, Sara focused her ideas and learned how to keg beverages at the Southeast Craft Beverage Institute. She released the original flavor, Classic, made with a blend of silver and black tea with lemon, at the grand opening of Ginger’s Revenge, and it was a hit!

Today, Silverback Beverage is available in cans throughout grocery stores and independent retailers. We are still building partnerships with breweries that want to offer customers an alcohol-free option that reduces social stigma for everyone and makes for a fun, unique libation even for the designated driver.

Although Silverback looks like a beer when it’s poured into a glass, it does not taste like alcohol. For people who are allergic to alcohol, or are in recovery (or trying to drink less alcohol), some non alcoholic drinks or spirit free spirits are too risky. Don’t get us wrong: we are not encouraging people to hang out in bars or breweries if you are in early sobriety! Not at all! IF, however, this is a safe place for you and you have a good reason to be there, than we are so excited for you to check out Silverback on Tap. It’s becoming a brewery staff favorite because the flavor has mass appeal, the energy helps keep you alert throughout your whole shift, and it’s a fun drink to sip on but will keep you focused!

A special thanks to our brewery friends who gave us a chance, helped us refined our recipe, allocated a tap for Silverback and supported the idea that it is important to offer non-drinkers a way to celebrate too!

And thank you to the Southeast Craft Beverage Institute, for teaching us how to keg and helping to develop a retail-ready product! It is a privilege to be part of this community.


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