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The Lifecycle of Freedom

Before we were known as Sarilla, we were Silverback made with Tîma Tea, and before we had products sold in stores, we were known as 3 Mountains, a social enterprise based in Asheville, NC. 

Perhaps the choice of original hashtags in 2016 “DrinkForChange” set the stage for all of the changes that would be in store for our brand!

Changes can feel confusing or even impossible to some, but we found the process very clarifying and empowering. We have rebirthed a whole new look and vibe, but underneath the surface is a complex process.

Thank you for sticking with us as we teach this baby how to play with the big kids, and make sure it has a global passport to grow across borders and integrate with new cultures.

In the spirit of Independence Day, we wanted to take a moment to review what this represents on a personal and community level.

What freedom means to you might be different for us. We are all at different stages of Change, and sometimes the most profound change is often underground, or invisible to the naked eye. Once you actually SEE the transformation, the primary growth has already occurred.

Growing from seeds to mature trees, oak trees take between 30 to 40 years to grow, and their roots can spread up to 5 times the radius of the canopy! Source.

Maybe humans and companies are not so different. This growth is what gives us strength, and helps to fortify our place in the world; our sense of well-being and safety; and our resilience to manage whatever storm is on the horizon.

We at Sarilla find freedom in entrepreneurship, in creating our reality, in building something of value, in witnessing the impact our choices make on other lives, and in knowing that we get to participate in change at any moment. When we allow another person, institution, or belief system to dictate our experience in life, we are giving away our power and we are allowing our freedom to be taken away.

Tragic things happen. Policies change, natural disasters occur, sickness is real. While it can feel devastating, it can also serve as the catalyst to inspire you to make a choice that can lead you into a new direction which may ultimately provide you with more freedom. The tragedies create division, opportunity, sadness and sorrow that can nurture a movement, a deepening of community, breaking open hearts and minds.

This is when you step into yours. When you have walked through the dark night of the soul. When you have been on your knees and humbled by loss and self-hatred. The only place to go is the grave or up. You choose Up. You rise and *Suddenly* you are shining and expanding and have grown into the majestic tree that you always felt you *should have been*. You feed the earth and the earth feeds you. Soil – Water – Air – Sunlight.

This is what calls you to step into your power. You are at the moment of choice. We love this quote by Elizabeth Appell, “…the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

Today we celebrate independence from old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us; and we step into our power to show up as the shining light we came here to be.

We will always be true to our roots which is why we have held onto this icon of strength and courage, the Rwandan Virunga Mountain Gorilla. Find her on all of our cans in some shape or form. 

Thank you for grounding us in our Higher Purpose. 

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