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Dry January

We are creatures of habit. Do you have habits that you want to shake up or reconsider? There's no better time than January when our motivation is high to make changes in our lives. But how do we maintain the new habits into the rest of the year? 

Maybe you have already let your dream for the year pass you by, or feel like you can't start over on the resolutions you set. If you are participating in Dry January*, how is that going for you? Remember, you can start your day (or year) over at any time!

Let us offer some tips. Our founder tried in vein for years to quit some habits that were causing problems in her life, but was taking the wrong approach. She was using self-will and found herself with white knuckles on the steering wheel. The harder we grip onto things, the harder it is to let go.** 

Most of us have set the intention to make a change because we want to feel better. It is human nature to do what we think will make us more comfortable, or offer us something that we do not have or feel or look like today. Maybe the habit we are trying to break is causing problems in our home or work life. Maybe someone has asked us to change.

The desire to change has to be present within you for it to stick. Try something for 21 days and create a ritual each day to incorporate this new thing. Rather than remove something, replace it. That way you are less likely to notice a gap in your schedule, or a hole in your day. It is just changing.

Some tips for having a successful Dry January (and beyond!) without suffering:

  1. Every time you think about having a drink, remember most thoughts pass within 20 seconds.
  2. Make a commitment with a buddy and check in at least every day.
  3. Have a sticky note handy of things you can turn to for distraction when the thought becomes obsessive (eg: get outside, call your accountability buddy, turn on your favorite music, make a cup of tea)
  4. Work on your mindset. If you are feeling sorry for yourself about not having this thing, it probably won’t succeed. Journal about why you are choosing to do this, and how it is ADDING to your life, not taking away.
  5. Consider using a mantra, like “just for today”. If you start thinking about a whole month or more, and are struggling in the moment, it may seem too overwhelming.
  6. Tally up the amount of money you are saving and think about some kind of healthy reward (not booze!), that you will treat yourself to at the end of each week or the month.
  7. Practice a new habit each day while you are in Dry January, and the incremental changes will be that much more obvious and potentially sustainable after a month.
  8. And remember, if you are not perfect at this, or if you are getting started after January 1st, all is not lost. You can start each day over at any time. Practice not perfection!

Please post your stories during Dry January and tag us to share @drinksarilla

For free samples to support your January goals, DM us and just pay shipping, anywhere in the U.S.

*The origins of Dry January

**This post is not intended as medical advice. If you are experiencing addiction or are an alcoholic, we recommend seeking out a professional.


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